In July 2016, Harper College and CENTERS entered into a pre-opening agreement of the College’s Recreation and Wellness Center. CENTERS will provide project management consulting services during the planned opening of the center, currently projected for August 1, 2018. CENTERS will prepare a business plan, consult on design decisions, hire ambitious campus recreation professionals, develop programs, cultivate partnerships and market the building.

CENTERS will leverage its relationship with its sister firm, Brailsford and Dunlavey (“B&D”) who is responsible for facilitating a visioning session via using a proprietary methodology called, strategic asset value analysis (“SAV”) with key Harper College executive and administrative personnel. The result of the exercise is a clear understanding about the strategic drivers and desired outcomes that are directly linked to the operating paradigm. Our goal is to make the fitness and wellness center the “third place” on campus.
CENTERS responsibilities are focused on:

- refining the building program to align with projected usage and advising on design solutions;
- developing  a business plan built around achieving targeted outcomes including a detailed operating pro forma; and,
- hiring staff and executing the business plan.